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TigerBall is the perfect game for the dead time


You know that at holiday times we like you to stop a moment to see our recommendations regarding ideal applications and games. In this case we will talk about TigerBall, a fantastic game that will allow us to kill the static moments in public transport or queues. And is that you have a theme as simple as addictive, which adds that it is a completely free game, does not include advertising or integrated payment, just enjoy it and go getting new balls that are offering us. The objective is quite simple, dunk a ball in a bucket, for this will have that sort certain obstacles.

Old-school style, we will go forward, often with more difficulty and sometimes with less. However, the big problem is presented in the fact that if we failed and we are left without lives will return to the beginning. Therefore, in TigerBall each ball has. In addition, If we do combo from three to five balls encestadas, opens us a minigame that will allow us to achieve a maximum of 5 lives and a bomb. The pump will be useful for those levels where we were stuck and we can not move forward, we will use it before losing all lives.

The ultimate goal would be to obtain the maximum number of possible levels before losing all lives, as well as to buy new balls winning stars with levels. The graphics are quite simple, but them physical are amazing, and each ball has its mechanism of movement.

The game is Only 60 MB and is compatible with any version of iOS above 6.0, of course universal for both iPad and iPhone. It takes to download this game of Georgios Kanellopoulos, totally free, for those who are not already in the iOS App Store.

Tigerball (AppStore Link)

Georgios Kanellopoulos

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