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Tim Cook presents the new documentary on climate change of Al Gore

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Al Gore, who at one time was Vice President of the United States and who now occupies a position as member of the Board of Directors of Apple, has unveiled its new documentary film under the title “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” or “an inconvenient consequence: truth to power”, which arises as the sequel of “an inconvenient truth“, the successful documentary released more than one decade ago , in 2006, and which arguably USA “it became fashionable” concern about climate change.

The presentation was attended by, among others, Lisa Jackson, Vice President of environment, policy and social initiatives of Apple, and Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, who was responsible for presenting the new documentary of Gore.

Al Gore insists with “an inconvenient consequence”

For the presentation of “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”, Tim Cook began talking about climate change as a whole and about the initiatives that have already been launched to cope. Thus, the company Executive explained that countries are coming together to create a cleaner environment, and that there are “big reasons for optimism”:

There are signs to our around the climate crisis, but there are also big reasons for optimism. There are renewable energy sources have been developed and are being widely deployed. Almost all countries of the world have agreed to do certain things and markets are rewarding renewable energy everywhere.

There are many reasons for optimism. But of course the watch still works and the urgency has never been greater. So I think that there has never been a better time for this film.

After a brief introductory speech, Tim Cook presented Al Gore and some policymakers that are behind the creation of this new documentary, prior to viewing.

And once the film was shown, Lisa Jackson joined Al Gore and Jeff Skoll and the three kept a scenario about the climate change debate in general and the new film in particular.

Of “An inconvenient truth” to “An awkward consequence”

For those who have not seen or heard talk about this subject, “an inconvenient consequence: truth to power” continues the efforts of Al Gore to combat climate change and especially, continues from the point where, in 2006, the predecessor film, “An inconvenient truth” left him. Companies like SolarCity constitute some of the main points of the film.

The origin of “An inconvenient truth” goes back to most of 2004 when Al Gore gave a speech in New York on climate change. It was not the first time that he did it, he had been doing since the 90’s, but this time it supported a whole collection and slides with great visual power and a message very clear: demonstrate that global warming was a reality, which could have tragic consequences, and that its main cause is the human being.

That talk was attended by Laurie David, a producer who was so impressed with Al Gore and his message that you proposed adapting your presentation for the big screen. “An inconvenient truth” premiered after carrying the idea to his colleagues in Hollywood, two years later (24 of greater than 2006).

Despite the many voices that point in the direction that Al Gore and his colleagues they exaggerate and that global warming is a lie, the documentary was a resounding success, winning two Oscar and with a great collection. But the most important thing is that it has contributed to raising awareness about global warming.

Ten years later, Al Gore continues where left him with “an inconvenient consequence: truth to power”, a documentary that already we are looking forward to seeing and that it has the support of Apple, big supporter of renewable energy. The film premiering on 28 July. I leave you with a preview:

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