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Tim Cook promises more features for Apple TV

juegos Apple TV 4In September 2015, the Cupertino presented – at least – three interesting things: a 6s 12Mpx Chamber with its 3D Touch-screen iPhone, iPad of 12.9 inches and, which personally found me most interesting, a fourth-generation Apple TV that arrived with the main novelty of an App Store. Yesterday, after the keynote in which spoke of the last quarter financial of the company, almost a year and half after its launch, Tim Cook said that will come new functions to its set-top box.

Yesterday was asked the CEO of Apple if they had thought how would spend 200.000 M$ had accumulated in recent times, what Tim Cook went on tiptoe saying that Apple TV and Apple Music are the beginning of the focus of growth that is taking place in the benefits that provide subscriptions. He also said that the multimedia industry is undergoing currently a dramatic change, something that believes that only “it will accelerate the expansion of the cable”.

“We have more things planned for Apple TV”

As for the original content, we have got our toe in the water creating something original content for Apple Music and that will be coming out during the year. We are learning of this and move on from there. The way in which we participate in the changes that will take place in the multimedia industry – which I hope to speed up the expansion of the cable.

Apple’s CEO also spoke about plans for the future of Apple TV, ensuring that you are satisfied with everything about the latest generation of set-top box company and leaving fall that they have planned more things for him, without offering many details:

We started the new Apple TV a year ago, we are satisfied of how that platform has come. Have more things planned for it, but has travel a long way in a year and us gives a platform clear about which build.

It is likely that we know Apple plans for its set-top box this year. What do we have prepared Tim Cook and company?

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