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Translator, a translator of 58 languages free for limited time

Generally when we talk about translators for applications, always comes to most of us to head Google Translator, the translator for excellence which is also available for download and use completely free. Despite this, in the App Store can find a great number of applications that us allows you to translate texts of a form quick and simple. Google translator is most commonly used to translate single words, but you can also work with texts but the result which does not interface leaves much to be desired, it must be said, even if Google is behind it. Translator allows us to translate texts between 58 different languages with a practical interface and is currently available for download for free. Is your regular price 5.99 euros.

One of the advantages offered by the translator application, compared to Google, is the interface which is designed to translate texts not single words. Translator with no need to type or paste the text, although it is also possible, but we can dictate to the application the text that we want to translate that automatically recognize it and translate it. A way to quickly and easily to communicate with other people who do not speak our language.

A time have translated the text, we can share it through of the networks social, by email or by message of text. Also also us allows you to copy the text to paste it later in other applications. Among the 58 languages compatible with this application are Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Chinese traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, please, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish. Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Welsh, Armenian, latin…

Translator it is compatible with iOS 8 onwards and is only compatible with the iPhone since it requires an internet connection for in addition to translate texts, make use of the motorcycle of speech recognition from Nuance, a company that takes many years to capture the voices in writing.

Traductor !! (AppStore Link)

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