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TWITTERFEED now integrates calendar of iOS and the App Store

TWITTERFEED, the famous automation tool that resides on the internet, he has added two new features to its extensive catalog, and is nothing more and nothing less than the ability to use the App Store and the calendar of iOS for its automatic rules. This new support open up a new world of possibilities to track applications or add events to our calendar of iOS automatically when certain events occur. I have more details below.

App Store both iOS and macOS support allows us to perform tasks such as monitoring of applications, something which is increasingly more complicated since Apple eliminated the main applications devoted to this, and one of the best that there is still running, Appshopper, has its days numbered at the not be able to upgrade to the 64 bit. TWITTERFEED allows you to create a trigger that is activated every time that:

  • A new application enters the Top 10 category.
  • A new application appears with a certain tag or a developer in particular
  • A new application is added to the collection that you specify
  • An application of the given category top 10 rebate
  • An application specifically lowers its price
  • A particular application is updated

With the calendar application we can have more catalogue options, since it may not only be trigger but it can also be the subject of actions launched by other triggers. So some examples that you can use are:

  • Activated whenever an event is added to any of your calendars
  • Activated whenever you add an event to a calendar specifically
  • Be activated every time you add an event that includes a certain tag

But you can also use any of the dozens of triggers that exist in TWITTERFEED to create an event on your calendar, with weather information, or to control the time you spend at work. An authentic delight for lovers of automations that helps to further improve this excellent service with millions of users around the world.

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