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Two new ads from Apple Music: “Best British Male” and “Best British Female”

They just appear a couple of new listings in the United Kingdom Apple Youtube Channel and these relate directly with Apple, Apple Music music service. In this case the company you are looking for with this publicity is to capture more users in the country and it is possible that this type of ads they succeed. It’s two ads that have been recorded with the voice-over of the official voice in various Apple ads on the country, Julie Adenuga and these include service as the radio options Beats 1 and the option to test the service for three months for free.

This is the first published ads, “Best British Male”:

And this is another announcement that has a similar title, “Best British Female”:

Both ads are full of energy, show products like the new AirPods and have the best of British music focused to show the potential of it, trying to increase the numbers of subscribers who gave us the last keynote, safe well over 20 million users have increased since then. Apple is the first interested to grow these numbers of users and therefore performs every so often some ads on the Apple Music service.

On the other hand I must say that Apple Music remains today an attractive option for all users of Apple products, therefore the company insists that its service is the best for users brand and in this sense, what is expected is that lovers of music in the United Kingdom , launch definitively to the hiring of Apple Music.

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