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U.S. courts removed Apple demand for data storage patents

If we are both knowing about upcoming devices from the guys at Apple, it is partly because predicting the path that follows the technological world, but above all after seeing all those patents that are logged over time. And it is that in the end if you want to protect your invention you have to protect it, it is the only way to demonstrate that you are the forerunner of that idea and that thanks to it has become something new.

As well, Apple is more than accustomed to register patents, there is no month that we don’t see a new patent from the guys at Cupertino, patents that by very futuristic which seem to us, do not cease to be the prelude to what we will see in future devices. But the game of patents can also go against you… And this is something that happened in the year 2015 with the company Smartflash, these they claimed to have patented storage system using Apple and obviously forced the company to pay them $ 533 million for damages. Until now, since it seems that they didn’t have as much reason…

This is what the guys from the Reuters Agency have published:

A trial judge let vacant compensation for damages after a month in which a federal jury in Texas it sued Apple in February 2015. On Wednesday, the Court of appeals of the Federal Circuit announced that the judge should have declared invalid patents of Smartflash.
After all this, a panel of three independent judges has confirmed that Smartflash patents are too “abstract” and do not reach far enough describing an invention real to justify protection.

A demand that could have risen to 852 million dollars that demanded the guys at Smartflash, expert in data storage technology company. An achievement for Apple, do not honestly believe that the guys at Apple want to is to risk with these themes, we have already seen how they have bought companies that have needed, so at the end is not the solution.

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