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Views, the album of Drake, is has reproduced thousand millions of times in Apple Music


Apple Music launch in June from a year ago, marked the entry into the world of Apple streaming music, a service that currently you have 17 million paying subscribers, according to Apple in the last keynote of September 7, which also announced new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus together with the Apple Watch Series 2 and the new and controversial AirPods. Almost from the beginning, Apple has always tried to reach agreements with many artists to be able to launch their new albums in exclusive agreements that have served him a headache after the problems that has had this issue with Universal Music.


Drake was one of the artists who opted for this platform to launch his latest album called Views, a disc that was available exclusively on the platform of Apple for 10 days, in which this album got 250 million views in addition to more than one million downloads, since it was also exclusively for ten days through iTunes last April.

In these six months, the album Views of Drake is has reproduced more than thousand million of times, turning it. in the first album of Apple Music in achieving it. To celebrate the own Tim Cook has delivered a commemorative plaque to Drake in which we can read: First album to achieve over 1 billion streaming on Apple Music.

To celebrate it Drake just of upload to Apple Music a video in exclusive of 22 minutes of duration in which can see of where obtained the inspiration required to record this new album. This video was recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa days before the home of their last tour world. Until the 30th of September will continue to exclusively at Apple Music then take the rest of digital platforms in the market.

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