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We already know the new destination of Hugo Barra: Facebook

Earlier this week, we got up with the news that Hugo Barra, head of the international expansion of Xiaomi, left his post at the Chinese company, because he wanted to be close to his family and friends. In addition, I missed less Silicon Valley, from where it was three and half years ago leaving her position as one of the heads of the international expansion of Android. Little time has been slow bar to find work, since as reported by bar and Zuckerberg’s way joint, his new role will be on Facebook as director of the division of virtual reality.

The announcement of the signing of Hugo Barra from Facebook, has been announced through profile of Mark Zuckerberg in the social network, where it stated that he felt excited by the upcoming addition of bar to the management team of the company. In recent years, Facebook has tried to diversify as much as possible all their business, investing in different companies and technology as it applies to virtual reality, buying Oculus in 2014 by 2,000 billion dollars, the first project that became famous in this respect.

As we can read in the publication:

I know Hugro from long ago, from when he helped to create the Android operating system and in recent years he has worked in Xiaomi, launching innovative devices for millions of people. Both share our conviction that the virtual and augmented reality will be the next computing platform.

For now, it seems that the war between HTC and Oculus by lead users virtual reality, it is gaining the Taiwanese from HTC which, as he said a few days ago the CEO of a video game companies, has sold today twice as many devices from virtual reality to Oculus, despite being something more expensive, but the quality of this type of device and the freedom to enjoy the games, offering of Oculus, is a determining factor. It should be recalled that since HTC lives you can enjoy games of Oculus and other platforms, while Oculus is not allowed to leave their ecosystem in a simple way, even if you can, to enjoy other catalogues.

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