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We bring you a possible solution to the problem of the AirPods box battery

The AirPods have had a host spectacular around all the world, in the Group of Telegram of today iPhone, are many them users that are sharing their experiences to the respect, as well as his bad luck. And is that not are few to them users around all the world to which les is happening a problem quite unpleasant, and is that the battery of the box of them AirPods seems to drain is by itself single to a speed of vertigo, something that cause the anger of them users, and with reason. Are going to show you a possible solution, although is temporary, to the drainage of the battery of the housing of the AirPods.

The answer is as simple as effective, and is that sometimes it more simple is what best just by operate, although the realization is tedious. To solve the problem, we will have to reset the AirPods and then resynchronize each device.

If I want to restore the AirPods, we press the button configuration for 15 seconds, without releasing it, until the light flashes amber twice and then route to a Flash of white color.

It is not a universal solution, and it is that there are users that this approach has not worked them, but if you can try it, and you served, you will save a trip to the nearest Apple Store. If not you works, you recommend that go it more fast as possible, in the period of return, to the Apple Store. If you are in period of return, you can return them and acquire others completely new, whenever there are stock. Of it otherwise, get more than probably AirPods of the warehouse of spare parts. We hope that you have been lucky and you could enjoy your AirPods completely, since the waiting lists for delivery are extending nearly six weeks.

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