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WinX DVD Ripper, the fastest solution to rip DVDs to formats compatible with iPhone now free

The popularization of digital formats, the cloud and the streaming are getting to do the physical optical media to fall into disuse. In general this seems to us a super news, but is certain that many people has large collections in this type of brackets and for them can be a problem this paradigm shift.

Problems to find players of quality, inability to reproduce those contained in current devices such as iPhone, iPad, and even Mac that already do not have optical drives in series.

WinX DVD Ripper

This situation, recourse to any software that allows you to convert the contents of those DVDs to digital files that can play on any device like the MP4 is a great idea and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the best alternatives for Mac and Windows that can be found in the market by ease of use, speed of the ripping, capacity of decryption and quality of results.

New technologies to improve performance and free licenses

The application has recently received a number of updates to support cutting-edge QSV and CUDA/NVENC technologies, allowing you to get one of the highest speed when ripping DVDs among all the options that are on the market. In addition, has the capacity to break the encryption of most discs, so it is possible to convert DVDs of films, series and similar to digital formats without problems.

WinX DVD Ripper is typically priced at $59.95, but at this time there is a promotion that is available completely free of charge. The only difference between the free license that is available now and the paid version is that the first does not give access to the software updates that are launching.

How to use WinX DVD Ripper to convert DVD to iPhone and iPad compatible MP4

Passing a DVD to MP4 or other formats with WinX DVD Ripper is something simple and available to anyone. In a few steps you can get it and the following lines are an example of them.

I’m one of the people affected by the problem mentioned at the beginning, since my Mac has no optical drive. As a result for example of how to rip a DVD I have used a folder on my computer with the contents of a full DVD (it is also possible to use an ISO). The steps are very similar anyway, the only difference is the first step in choosing the source of the content.

1. open WinX DVD Ripper and click on the icons in the upper area to choose the content source. In my case it is Folder, because as I said I have no DVD drive and I use a folder with the contents of one.

Seleccionar fuente de datos

2. the DVD is loaded into the application and will show you a window so that you choose the output format in which you want the video file. In the case of the example I will choose the option iPhone / iPad.

Escoger formato rippeo de vídeo

3 choose the folder in which you want to save the output file in the left bottom corner and finally click on the RUN button in the bottom right corner and the software will be put to work.

Seleccionar ruta de salida de vídeo

This is all, following these simple steps, software will be put to work and ready to play it on the device that we need after a few minutes we will have the video file to the selected folder .

Download WinX DVD Ripper for Mac or Windows

As I said before, software tends to be priced at $59.95, but can now be completely free of charge thanks to the promotion that have in place.

No doubt a perfect software to convert DVDs to formats compatible with iPhone 7 or earlier, any version of iPad and other devices like Android smartphones, Smart TVs, computers, etc, etc…

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