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WordPress is updated with many new features


Thanks to the facilities offered by the WordPress platform, any user can have their own blog and keep it quickly and without any problems. Thanks to applications that WordPress has in the mobile operating systems, is still easier since from our own smartphone, in this case it would be an iPhone, we can write, publish, and modify any article that we have posted on our blog, as well as see statistics, add videos and images…

WordPress just of update their application by adding different improvements in the operation of the application. The first novelty allows us to use external keyboard with hotkeys, ideal for when we make use of the iPad to write posts in our blog, with a bluetooth keyboard. Another of the new functions us allows you to share directly with the application WordPress any image from our reel.

The Finder integrated also is has improved and after this update is much more useful that in the version above. Although still missing a few functions that us could offer it application, currently is has become in an alternative very good that us will prevent have that access through the browser of our device, something to what were used due to the wrong operation of this application from makes ones few years.

What’s new with WordPress 6.4 vision

  • Have added, for those users of keyboard external, shortcuts of keyboards very useful for the editor of entries and for move is between tabs. You like to increase your productivity?
  • and share their pictures? Yes, we also. We bothered much not to share images in the app through the functionality native of Apple, so it have added.
  • Want to make more easy to find content in the reader and believe that the new functionality of search is a good first step in that road.
  • Speaking of search: you can now search posts and pages of your blog even if they are not synchronized with the app.
  • Finally, just for fun, we have done that you can rid the images to display full when you’re done with them, just drag them quickly and send those pixels to the ether.
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