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Xiaomi launches its smartwatch blatantly copying Apple Watch

When it seemed that Xiaomi was no longer blatantly copy designs from Apple, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, at least try to hide, has just presented a smarwatch that as we can see in the pictures who heads this article, it is a carbon copy of the Apple Watch, but not only the design, despite lacking one of the buttons, since the guys at the Chinese company has also traced model Nike belt a belt that has had a huge success in the market and that we can acquire through internet to a few very attractive in comparison with the official prices, as happens with most Apple products, something that doesn’t surprise us.

We are talking about the Weloop GPS Sports Watch Hey 3S. What also strikes us is that not have bothered is to use a deferent typography to the Nike model, a unique typeface for this model and not found in other devices of the company headquartered in Cupertino. So then Hugo Barra, international responsible former of Xiaomi said that they created original products without copying to inspire competition.  Weloop GPS have a size of 46.2 × 35.66 × 11 15 mm and weighs 38 grams, manufactured entirely in plastic, although not specified in details, but having an approximate price of $70, premium materials surely has.

Wellop GPS offers a 1.28-inch screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and a resolution of 176 × 176. Integrates a motion sensor 9 axes, compass, gyroscope and a GPS chip, in addition to heart rate sensor and be water resistant. Connected to the smartphone using bluetooth version 4.2 and according to these specifications has all the earmarks of being more a quantifier to a smartwatch itself, since according to the manufacturer, it offers a range of up to 30 days, something very difficult to achieve with a GPS chip inside.

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