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Yes, the Apple TV with tvOS 10.1 could soon have its own jailbreak

Many criticaréis to me, but I dare say that the jailbreak is a thing of the past… A modification of the official firmware for our devices allowing us vitaminar our iDevices with new features, as well as allow us to install applications without going through App Store… Aware of this, Apple has managed to add those so used functions via jailbreak on the latest versions of iOS, so once again we can say that the jailbreak today is not necessary.

That Yes, the jailbreak continues to generate news, and is no longer be something relevant to the iDevices. But there is more… And is that with the arrival of the fourth generation Apple TV I get the jailbreak for this Apple TV, a jailbreak which seems being updated… The latest news suggest that soon we will have a jailbreak for Apple TV 4 with tvOS 10.1. After the jump you give all the details…

It has been Kevin Bradley, better known as nitoTV, who on Twitter has announced that the jailbreak of tvOS 10.1 is on the way and that avoid upgrading to our Apple TV 4 to tvOS 10.1.1 or do a downgrade, while we can, to tvOS 10.1. And is that apparently the jailbreak yalu102 (released for 10.2 iOS) of Luca Todesco could adapt to tvOS 10.1 of Apple TV 4. Time Apple still signing the old tvOS 10.1 so you should have no problem to downgrade to the previous version, keep in mind that if you have enabled automatic updates, it is likely that your fourth-generation Apple TV is the latest version of tvOS.

So you know, If you want to have the jailbreak your Apple TV 4 avoid to install the latest version of tvOS the 10.1.1, a version which of course does not include any interesting novelty by removing any that further improvement of stability. I say, if you want to jailbreak wait a little and do not upgrade your Apple TV 4. You will be informed of any developments in this regard…

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