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Yet another case of a child who spends thousands of dollars in micro transactions

Gives the same measures put Apple to avoid this kind of issue, gives equal when read this, if it is summer or winter, autumn or spring, in fact, it gives you to read it in 2013 or 2020, every month we will have the ‘surprising’ case of an infant who decides to squander several months of salary from his parents in just a few minutes. This time it happened in the United Kingdom, and is the good of Alfie, eleven years old, saw no apparent reason to ask his father if he should or not continue to accept the micro transactions that offered the game. Thus, young was by pressing the “OK” to spend around 7,000 euros, which would.

Let’s start the story by the end, an end that some already know of other similar cases, and it is that Apple has decided to pay the credit card money that the young Alfie had spent with the iPad. Commenting on the parents to the BBC, the medium that has echoed in the news:

“You spent more than 700 pounds in just five minutes, and for the next half an hour already had passed the first 1,100 pounds in shopping, all in the same game. When we discovered it was too late”

According to the parents of Alfie, usually the child used to ask if I could or not paying for the transaction, sometimes they accessed or not, depends on the time and payment. However, this time the young man decided not to return to ask about such issues. Thus, he decided to make such economic breakdown. Best has undoubtedly been the ” punishment ” imposed the young after spending, we can imagine that after calm down with the solution that Apple has given them, and Alfie now not have total and free access to the iPad, only you can use it on weekends.

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