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You Siri recognize our voice and only enabled with it?: in the very near future

The privacy of users is in the mouth of many and more now. The other day we told you about the recent attack of the Government of the United Kingdom against companies like WhatsApp or Apple that protect information from users in connection with the terrorist attack produced a few weeks ago. Extrapolating this theme, currently if we activate Siri in our terminal anyone can be asked to perform certain tasks, even if we are not we (the owners of devices). New patents indicate that Apple would be working on a system of detection and verification of voice in which the wizard of Apple it would only respond to the voice of the owner of the device avoiding as well to take possession of the iPhone or iPad.

Apple patents suggest that Siri could improve their safety

As almost whenever we speak of patents Apple, the web in charge of analyzing the is Patently Apple based on the publications of the United States Office of marks. In this case we find a patent in which the safety of Siri would be above the user’s desire.

Explained so it is a little strange, but it is very simple. Currently, even with the device locked, alien to us anyone can press the Home button and invoke Siri to ask her, ask her or perform certain actions, without verifying that the person who is using the device is no stranger to the owner.

With this new patent, quite ingenious we must highlight, the owner of the device would have to set up a phrase of “invocation” that Siri would record. The wizard would store both the phrase and the characteristics of the used voice. An example would be: “Siri, which provided everything goes?” or “Good morning head”. If the user invokes the wizard and does not say that sentence or, if correctly saying it disagrees with the characteristics of the voice’s owner, Siri would force to unlock the device by means of Touch ID or the unlock code.

It is too early to say that we will see this feature but it is likely that in future major updates see large measures of security on Siri to give greater security to devices which each day are used by millions of people.

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