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You walk with your favorite Pokemon in the new Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Buddy Pokemon

The summer of 2016 will be the summer of Pokemon Go, a set that has broken all records, a highly anticipated by many that has revolutionized all the cities of the world thanks to the peculiar mode of play in which GPS is the protagonist. A game that opened news programs and newspapers that today seems to be deflating your bubble…

As well, to not die the hype, the guys of Niantic just of announce News of face to the next update of Pokemon Go… The next version of Pokemon Go will allow us to walk with a partner Pokemon (Buddy Pokemon). After the jump we have all the latest…

This is what we told the guys at Niantic in the press release which have released announcing the next update which will bring the possibility of adding a partner Pokemon to our coach:

The next thing that will add will be Buddy Pokémon Pokémon Go (fellow Pokemon). You will be able to choose your favorite Pokemon to your partner, something which will make this an endless possibilities with new prizes and experiences. Your partner Pokemon will appear next to your avatar in coach by adding new bonus as a chance to gain new candies walking together. You can also change your Pokemon mate as many times you want.

A novelty that no doubt comes to try to keep the hype Pokemon that has formed this summer, a right now, rather punctured hype having to relive it as boys of Niantic. Personally I think that it will be an interesting move by the company, at the end many of the users of Pokémon Go are former players of Nintendo Games and this will be something that makes them to travel to the past to walk with their Pokémon. We will keep you informed of this long-awaited update of Pokémon Go.

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Pokemon GO

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