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Launch Center Pro already does not have integration with TWITTERFEED

Bad news for the regulars to the applications of automation for iOS. Launch Center Pro, an of the more recognized and famous, just of make public that already not will have the integration with TWITTERFEED for more time. Why own programmer has confirmed, his stance has not turned back and is a final decision.

Let’s go back to the month of April, 2013. At the time, Facebook was Parse, a small technology company that was specialised in the backrooms of applications programming for mobile. They basically dealt with the development of everything that makes possible to us using a given application. The acquisition is closed in a quantity that was around them 85 million of dollars and supposed that Parse would be integrated within the structure of Facebook gradually. Well, here is the crux of the matter; now-E:System.Windows.Forms.binding.parse becomes part of the giant blue and therefore already will not work for third parties. One of these third parties was Launch Center Pro.

So it have explained in its website: “Parse us gave the opportunity of run a service web complex without having that worry us of falls, security, updates and all type of challenges that come inherent to a service web”.

They are now in the position of having to deal directly with TWITTERFEED. But it is not all, because as stated on its website, it will start charging for this service. With the update that already is in the App Store, TWITTERFEED will leave of be supported officially, since while had good predisposition on the part of both interested, not is arrived to good port.

If you’re one of them affected by this change, there are other alternatives, as Workflow or the own application of TWITTERFEED of iOS.

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