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The Wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy S8 is presenting problems

A few days ago came to tell the controversy surroundings to reddish tones that were picking up some screens of the flagship of the Samsung, the phenomenal S8 Galaxy. And it is that while it is true that Samsung has given a real twist to our concept of mobile phone, it cannot escape classic complaints with respect to some common bugs in the units. In this case is the epicenter of the controversy in the matter of the Wireless charging, a functionality that has always demanded him to Apple and not just to implement, and that now seems that it is giving serious problems in many units of Galaxy S8.

The reality is that most of the reviews we found specialized media quite well to Samsung terminal, and it is not for less, its design and the quality of the materials are proving to be a success, in spite of the doubtful suitability of placement of your fingerprint next to the camera sensor. But not all the mountain is oregano, the first of the widespread problems that reach the Galaxy S8 and that it does not solve tinkering in the setting menu is falling and cutting of connectivity WiFi. Once again, the majority of these units that have problems when you connect to the router are in Korea of the South, where the phone arrived a little earlier.

But only the problem of Wi-Fi connectivity is not, and is that another of its characteristic, the Wireless charging, also is introducing defects continued in operation, apparently the Samsung Galaxy S8 refuses to load when it settles in the new and spectacular “dock” that Samsung introduced next to the device. However, chances are that such problems are solved with future software updates.

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