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These are the Pokemon legendary and exclusive in Pokemon Go


We are going to continue with our eccentricities, tips and curiosities about Pokemon Go. In this case, we bring you a list of three Pokémon that can not capture, since despite being included in the Pokédex of Pokémon Go, they are not available in the game. As well as some Pokemon that will necessarily make you travel to other continents if you want to get with them, since they are known as “Exclusive Pokémon”, members who only appear in certain continents and can only be caught in them (or eggs). These are the unique and legendary Pokemon in Pokémon Go and we don’t want you to miss them.

Pokemon exclusive by continent

We started with them, are these Pokemon that only appear in a particular continent. Who live in the borders between one and another it will have a little more easy, for them others, travel is the alternative.

  • Europe: Mr Mime
  • North America : Tauros
  • Asia: Farfetch´d
  • Kangaskhan: Australia

However, all is not lost, despite being exclusive, these Pokémon are able to hatch eggs, whether they are 5 KM or 10 KM. If you want to know what kind of Pokemon is born from each egg, go to our listing at this link.

The legendary Pokemon

Also find Pokemon that you can not catch, known as legendary and who are not in the algorithm but if in the Pokédex. These are article, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and Mewtwo. These will be available in areas exclusive to Nintendo will be reporting. None of the Everest or similar hazardous areas. These Pokemon are included in the game code, but will not appear as Pokemon normal wild. Eventually is les will allow capture them to users of good level during a time limited, so do is with these Pokemon will be quite difficult and obviously is converted in the talk of the neighborhood, while last the fever Pokemon Go.

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