Monday , February 6 2023
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Another scheme that shows an iPhone Wireless charging 8 filters


Another scheme that shows how will be the so-called iPhone 8 joins the party. On this occasion shows a device with a feature that had not appeared so far in the previous leaks: a component of Wireless charging. This new filtering scheme coincide in certain parts with the rumors that …

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New iPhone concept 8 (or iPhone Edition) video


They still appear iPhone 8 concepts and on this occasion comes in video format thanks to Thiago M. Duarte and Ran Avni, two old acquaintances in this conceptual designs of smartphones from Apple. The video shows what for them would be the iPhone Edition (one of the names being considered …

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8 iPhone will be a success without precedent according to analysts


There are certain rumors about iPhone 8 which do not cease to recur and it seems that some analysts are convinced that Apple will give everything with the next generation of your smartphone. According to these analysts, iPhone 8 will end up becoming a success unprecedented for the mobile telephony …

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