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Another scheme that shows an iPhone Wireless charging 8 filters

Another scheme that shows how will be the so-called iPhone 8 joins the party. On this occasion shows a device with a feature that had not appeared so far in the previous leaks: a component of Wireless charging.

This new filtering scheme coincide in certain parts with the rumors that we’ve been seeing the last few weeks. The highlight of what we can talk about is the vertical dual camera; something that looks like that now everyone takes for granted taking into account leaks, rumors and even the concepts and models created with this feature.

iPhone 8

This new plan shows an iPhone Wireless charging and non-Touch ID 8 on the back

Where we start to see differences compared to the rest of filtered, or rather allegedly filtered documentation since there is no confirmation that it is real, is at the center of the back of the computer.

In this scheme, we see a space that, in theory, would be occupied by the components that integrate the iPhone 8 load wireless. It is something that has been rumored in the past and no would be far-fetched to think that integrates this feature; Although so far this rumor had gone to a second or third level.

Esquema de iPhone 8 con carga inalámbrica

It is also noteworthy that this new filtering scheme does not show the position where it would be positioned to Touch ID on the back. This could mean that it would be in the front of the device; possibly integrated into the screen itself or even the model represented at levels not including this feature as some analysts have said.

We have no way of confirming if this scheme actually belongs to the 8 iPhone, if it simply belongs to one of the prototypes that have been working in Cupertino to develop the team, or whether it is completely false. What we do know is that several months so that Apple presented the new iPhone and that will be the most interesting.

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