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Collection of Star Wars wallpapers for iPhone

Star Wars is one of the sagas of popular science fiction films that were never made. With the passage of the years they have become cult works and as such interest in anything related to them is very large.

Today I want to leave with a collection of wallpapers of screen or Star Wars for iPhone wallpapers. The collection consists of several images of minimalist type and other not so minimalist that are available in color or black and white, which surely will like all fans of the saga.

Wallpapers de Star Wars para iPhone

By touching on each of the links that we leave after pictures you can access the full size of the same and download it to set it as wallpaper on your smartphones. In addition we leave also a file containing all the wallpapers if you want to download it and save it in your computer to go changing image every time.

Collection of Star Wars wallpapers for iPhone


Download in color or black and white.


Download in color or black and white.


Download in color or black and white.


Download for iPhone.


Download for iPhone.


Download for iPhone.


Download for iPhone.

Download all the wallpapers of Star Wars

As we said before, we also leave a compressed file that includes all the wallpapers of this compilation. You can download it from the link below and unzip it you meet all of the images shown above in high resolution, all prepared for placement of Fund in your devices.

This compilation of wallpapers from Star Wars for iPhone (though perfectly compatible with other equipment) has been developed by iDownloadblog and leave us some images that will surely delight all fans of the saga of films that want to give it a more personal touch to their smartphones.

Which of these wallpapers is your favorite?

Collection of Star Wars wallpapers for iPhone is an original article of TodoAppleBlog.

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