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8 iPhone will be a success without precedent according to analysts

There are certain rumors about iPhone 8 which do not cease to recur and it seems that some analysts are convinced that Apple will give everything with the next generation of your smartphone.

According to these analysts, iPhone 8 will end up becoming a success unprecedented for the mobile telephony market. Risky claims that, for the moment, are based on rumors of the features that supposedly will incorporate the terminal and possible information that analysts have.

Concepto de iPhone 8

8 iPhone many analysts optimistic again

At this point seems to be all over the world agree that the iPhone 8 will feature a screen OLED unframed just around, Wireless charging and the disappearance of the physical home button in favor of one integrated into the screen itself. There’s no denying that they are attractive features, especially the home built into the screen button (something that no manufacturer has not for the moment).

Besides these main features, also is speaks of others possible news as the sensor of traces integrated in all the screen, a camera 3D with identification of the user or a camera front hidden low the screen to give the feeling of that the front is a unique screen.

El iPhone 8 será un gran éxito según los anallistas

The optimism of analysts is very large and they believe that at the end of this year Apple shares could be between 150 to 185 dollars, pushed largely by success waiting for iPhone 8 despite a rumored price rise.

It is important to mention that at the moment the information that circulates on the iPhone 8 is based on rumors and not there is no filtration that sustain it. Analysts have their own sources and it is quite possible that they have inside information that has not come to light, but still we must be careful and not take for granted everything what they say, since on many occasions his predictions are not certain and all they do is create expectations that do not always end up serving.

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