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Samsung could have compared a Micro-LED company to supply to Apple

We talked about a few leaks weeks ago that they were thinking that the Cupertino company was going to opt for Micro-LED in order to reposition the company in the place that is expected of it in terms of panels for your electronic devices. The reality is that the only devices that don’t use LED technology is the Apple Watch, and is precisely one that more satisfactions generates customer in these aspects. On the other hand, Samsung continues to be a major supplier of hardware for Apple, it is for this reason that according to the latest information, the South Korean company might have acquired a company specialized in Micro-LED with the intention of meeting the future needs of Apple in this regard.

This filtered by OLED-Info news comes just after confirming that the Cupertino company is working to introduce Micro-LED as a standard on their devices from here to the year 2018, starting how not by Apple Watch and ending with the iPhone. Thus, Samsung has decided to put the batteries with the intention of becoming a decisive part in the production of devices with Apple, so has acquired PlayNitride, a company specialized in Micro-LED, a Taiwanese firm. The treatment has been carried out by figures that could haunt the 150 million dollars, nothing unreasonable taking into account revenues could be understood. This company also specializes in screens for Virtual reality and even televisions, so Samsung could fully exploit their patents.

However, this technology is still quite difficult to produce, and all indications are that it will not be profitable at least until 2020, meanwhile Apple dream of introducing these Micro-LED Apple Watch Series 3 that could come during the year 2018, would have been flagged Apple unrealistic limits? See.

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