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7 iPhone is already available in Indonesia

When due to the buzz surrounding the upcoming release of iPhone, many are the users who are already trying to reach agreements with their friends to get rid of the your iPhone 7 while the inhabitants of Indonesia and can be purchased for a couple of days. It is not that the typical Apple supply problems had guilt, but until the guys at Cupertino have not officially confirmed the upcoming opening of the first of the three r & d centres to be opened in the country, the authorities have not given permission to Apple to sell the latest model of the company.

And many will be presented would have to see the speed with Bacon? In this case and like in India, some countries of Asia require certain requirements to large companies to sell their products, something that should apply to many countries. The India and Indonesia are forcing Apple 30% of products sold in its own stores must be manufactured in the country, something that is currently impossible, but as in Indonesia, the lack of products manufactured in the country can supply making significant investments in r & d in the country centres. And that’s what Apple did to sell not only the iPhone 7 but the next devices that launch to the market.

Apple has had to make an investment of 44 million dollars to open three centres of r & d in the country, the first of them will be in Tangerang next quarter. Indonesia is another emerging-market countries where Apple wants to expand, thanks to the 260 million inhabitants, offering a very high growth potential, although the India takes most of the investment, since the 1,200 million people can be converted to the country in the main engine of economic company, once China has ceased to be.

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