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A filtered cover again puts Touch ID on the front of the iPhone 8

We’re back with the rumors and leaks of what can bring us the iPhone 8, iPhone X or whatever you call it Apple. On this occasion what seeps into the network is an image of a completely transparent cover that you can see clearly that the back does not have the possibility of adding the Touch ID.

In this case can be said that it is a case that could mark or clearly define the continuity of the next model of iPhone design if we focus a little more on the other details aside from the absence of a hole so Touch ID can be used from the rear.

Seeing the picture, what is clear is that the part of the cameras would be definitively placed vertically and not horizontally as they are up to date. What not just like many users have a reason clear for change, usually photos and videos make them the iPhone horizontally, so when you turn the same cameras are “poorly located” If you change the position of these once put the iPhone in horizontal cameras will be perfectly placed.

Appearance cover general seems that it would fit perfectly with the iPhone current 7, holes for the speaker and the microphone in the bottom, the side buttons and the upper or space for the connector appear identical to we have today. This makes us think if Apple really launch this model so differently that we all expect or will be an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus full-fledged.

Finally the Touch ID in this case could not be used in the rear and some schemes filtered to date therefore remain in nothing. We can not say that this case is Apple and therefore it is impossible to confirm anything officially, but hey, rumors, leaks, and others, they do not decay.

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