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A longer duration of the battery, the great asset of the iPhone 8

And follow penalties for bingo, we are at the end of March and however, rumors about this new iPhone 8 can’t hit our front door. Perhaps the reason the fact that Apple decided to launch the classical version “s” of devices, accompanied by a Special Edition on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the popular Apple phone. However, we wish to convey each and every one of these analyses so you can form your own structure of what could be the iPhone 8. And is that according to the latest information the greatest trick iPhone 8 was precisely its autonomy.

It is the Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, who has ventured to say that not only the Wireless charging and 3D of the front camera sensors will be the determining factors when buying an iPhone 8, their autonomy could be precisely his feature star.

Plus other updates regarding the system and hardware of the iPhone, we expect Apple to launch a device slightly more expensive, accompanied by an AMOLED display that will lengthen the battery life. This, along with the Wireless charging and 3D sensors will be the principal advantages. Not to mention the possibility of including artificial intelligence capabilities in the operating system. Apple intends to captivate the public Chinese, more susceptible to this type of news.

However, we already know well this type of analysts, which tend to hit between little and very little. Therefore we recommend that you maintain with feet of lead to this type of publications. What else would this type of predictions were made real with respect to iPhone 8, although if all occur in the same device probably its price would not be within the reach of everyone, and we would have to think about what are the priorities when it comes to another Apple product.

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