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A patent shows support for the most desirable Apple Pencil

Follow patent after patent, this time we return with news concerning the family of tablets of the Cupertino company. While many are keen to bury this format precisely, it seems that Apple is still rowing in favor of one of his favorite devices, the iPad. In addition, the accessories are have been increasing little by little, an example is Apple Pencil and intelligent keyboard that we find. In short, is one of the worst aspects of the Apple Pencil know where to leave it once we cease to use it on your iPad, this patent has the key in this regard. Let’s take a look.

Such and so you see, the system represents a kind of support, probably made in textile, which Apple Pencil would wind and that would be attached to iPad due to its cover, at least that is what they want to represent in this enlightening as little scheme. What is clear is that the main intention is the offer the user the possibility of safeguarding the Apple Pencil while we are not using it, but very close to his faithful companion iPad. No doubt an alternative that we do not know why not has been offered before.

However, as you know it is quite common that Apple engaged in patenting things that they will not normally anywhere, only serves to make us a little idea of the direction that Apple intends to take in the future, and at least know that are working quite hard to improve the lives of users of their devices. In short, a patent over that we can add to the huge listing of the company, which says us nor nothing too interesting, but that seems really interesting, do we have a place to leave the Apple Pencil in the future?

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