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A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes while it is charging


That the batteries of lithium tend to combust spontaneously in some that another occasion is something that all we know. The really strange thing is to happen in a relatively new device, as it is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and we have the first news of a device that has combustionado while it was loaded, with the consequent scare. By fortune not has been that regret more losses that the materials. Not is the first or goes to be the last news that have along them months of devices that arden, also, with the arrival of the summer and the high temperatures is tend to give more these situations dangerous.

However, not everything is as black as you could paint it, it must be pointed out that the user loaded the Galaxy Note 7 with an adapter, since the Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has USB-C, and the user used a connector microUSB using the aforementioned adapter. We are almost sure that it was the use of this accessory to what caused the fire. Not is the first problem caused by this type of devices adapters, above all when talk of the USB-C, a medium that has much more power of which you assume.

However, not is being this the controversial more striking in that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is is seeing wrapped, above all you have rained many critical about the low performance that offers, despite have of a hardware composed by them technologies more leading of the sector. On the other hand, they have also criticized the ease with which its front and rear scratch, somewhat improper of a device of high end like that. However, before this accident, Samsung has begun to investigate, with the intention of clarifying if I was due to a manufacturing problem or if it has really been caused by user adapter.

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