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AIRCHARGE inductive adds a Holster with Wireless charging for the iPhone in the BMW

The iPhone is one of the devices of high range that does not source the Wireless charging, and some companies take time developing your accessories to add options to the users of iPhone with this type of load that the absence is not noticeable. Among the many accessories we have available in this regard long since there are some who are interesting and others not so much, but in this case AIRCHARGE inductive adds efforts with the manufacturer BMW and will add a system in new models this year to access the information of their cars in addition to providing the Wireless charging for iPhone , taking into account that the BMW 5 series was one of the first cars to include CarPlay wireless support, allowing the user to access the iDrive ecosystem via Bluetooth rather than the lightning cable.

In this sense iDrive allows the user to interact with the screen of the car to be able to control the iPhone plus the option of Siri that uses voice commands. Now with the help of AIRCHARGE inductive added the option of charging the iPhone using the load without cable – contact – and will be available for the iPhone 5, 5S, 6/6 Plus and Plus 6s/6s. To perform this wireless charging a cover, is required , this is the option that added to charge.

This cover is in black color and allows the user of the German car manufacturer to charge your iPhone directly into the central charger which is installed in the car and ready. Obviously the sleeve adds certification Aircharge MFI (Made for iPhone) and Qi, which means that it will work without problem on Apple devices. It is expected that this year with the new iPhone Apple add this wireless charging but all are rumors and touch continue to use this type of sleeves or accessories to get the Wireless charging in the current iPhone.

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