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An Apple patent suggests a MagSafe adapter USB c

No doubt the issue of patents is recurrent in the Apple world, and in this case we have a patent that may be interesting to Mac users, since it speaks of the possibility that the abandoned MagSafe connector adapter USB magnetic C-shaped. And it is that Apple released the new 12 inch MacBook and the MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch bar and without it the port USB C, something that we really appreciate and look forward to standardize even on the iPhone and iPad in the near future, but many of us who ‘d like the MagSafe connector to join the C USB and this new patent-registered Apple grows the hope.

Logically we have a patent and as all patents Apple may you come or not to succeed, but this has to be that comes because the MagSafe is without doubt one of the best connectors that exist for Mac users, protecting equipment from a possible fall although throw cable thanks to the magnetic connector to power the equipment. In this case the C USB does not have this possibility and if we have a stumbling block with the Mac cable while it is connected, it is safest to this end up in the soil.

In this case the patent speaks of a new adapter like you have for sale to convert the MagSafe MagSafe 2, with which users couldn load the Mac with the old Magsafe Chargers always bearing in mind the own charger voltage and which would not have problems in the case of coming across to the Mac charging cable. Today there are some adapters in unofficial stores and there is one even Griffin think remember, but from here recommend that if they do not have the official certification from Apple it is best not to use them to avoid problems.

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