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App Center, Favorites for your Control Center

Centro de Control

App Switcher is a great feature of iOS to quickly switch between applications that we’ve used recently. However, actually there is a way for fast and direct access to favorite applications. It is at this point where a new tweak to jailbreak, App Center, makes his entrance and comes to save the ballot. The new addition to our iPhone with Jailbreak will allow us access to favorite applications and open them from the very center of Control of iOS. They are customizable and also the most widely used can be viewed recently.

App Center is an interesting tweak that adds a new page to the Control Centre of iOS in which we can show up to 9 of the recently used applications. When you install the tweak, you must open the Control Center and then slide your finger to the right, until you get to the third page. It is where the recently used applications will be displayed. It can click on any of the applications to open it from the inside of the control center, on a separate page. This is a feature with much use that App Center is getting much success. It can see and interact with the correct application from the Control Center, as well as keep it there indefinitely. For example, if we use much WhatsApp applications, Facebook Messenger or Google Chrome browser… If we configure our tweak App Center, tab will leave us these applications as the most used recently. If on the other hand, we have as a favorite application as it can for example be to Just Eat, but we have not used it recently, we can also configure it to mark it as a favorite and appear a shortcut in our App Center.

If you want to open an application with some frequency (e.g., in full screen), can be and just simply press on it and keep it pressed. The white background that have some application icons means that they are open on a page separate from the control center. It is not recommended to keep many applications open in this way, since they consume more RAM and battery of the device.

In addition to showing the recently used applications, you can also add favorite applications you want. Just click on the icon of search in the upper right corner of the App Center, to search for the favorite application and add it to the Control Center. The tweak also comes with a preference panel that is configured on the settings screen where you can enable or disable as you want or need, as well as adjust the size of the applications that are opened in the control center. The application is highly configurable and has a quite appropriate adjustments to the level of customization that allows the tweak. In addition, the fact that options are located in the same menu as the rest of iOS application configuration is a plus.

App Center is a pretty awesome tweak, with a new concept that has not been seen before. It works very well without any problems and is identified by the system as if outside a native feature in iOS, which everyone would like to happen. If you are deciding whether to give a chance to this tweak, is available for about four dollars, in the BigBoss Cydia repository. The price of this tweak is a little quite high. We are talking about that if an ordinary application can cost us around one euro, this jailbreak tweak comes with a much higher price, which can be made to think it us enough before we decide on your purchase. If ultimately we decided you sure we will not regret it, because of the great utility of the same. Yes we recommend from here what you think very much before us, to avoid later repent of having bought and have spent four eurazos into something that we are not going to use.

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