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Apple Announces “Today at Apple”, his new training plan for the Apple Store

Apple today announced its new training plan for its customers at the Apple Store. Baptized as “Today at Apple” (today at Apple), will begin next month and will consist of training workshops for all its users in its (for the time) 495 stores world-wide. Held by their own staff and with the participation of professionals of the world of the world of photography, art and music, these training sessions they will cover from the most basic and contents aspects step by step until more advanced aspects for those looking for more professional applications. They will begin around the world starting from the month of May and its contents will be the following:

Today at Apple is one of the ways in which is evolving our experience to even better serve customers and entrepreneurs of our surroundings. We are creating a modern concept of the city square where everyone is welcome and where we offer the best Apple to connect with others, discover new passions and take the skills a step further. We believe that an interesting and fun experience will be for all who attend.

These sessions are free, and will cover all those Apple products that like most customers. One of the most demanded is the how do quality photos with the iPhone, a workshop that will begin with six step by step session on settings, organization, editing, and other topics. More advanced users may subscribe to a photographic route where will you leave the shop and deepen their techniques such as lighting and shadows, portraits and story-telling. But there will be even more so, because Apple Store selected will come from world-renowned photographers to share their experiences with the participants. There will be sessions for families, children, education professionals… with content tailored to them. The schedule is as follows:

  • Creative sessions are the version from Apple’s hours of tutoring from a teacher. The Creative Pro offer 90-minute sessions on topics such as art or design documents and presentations.
  • Photographic routes and drawing paths teach attendees to capture their moments and never learning new techniques in a practical way while related to the local community.
  • The time of recess is intended to stimulate the imagination and creativity through practical and fun projects. Sessions include programming with robots Sphero, composing music with GarageBand and creation of films in iMovie group.
  • Programming sessions allow all enter the topic via Swift Playgrounds, an app for the iPad designed so novices can learn to program in an interactive and entertaining way.
  • Photo Studio helps photographers with talent to experiment with styles and techniques and discover new points of view in practice sessions. Similarly, music study explores different genres and rhythms and offers new tools to musicians of all levels.
  • The Pro Series allow advanced users to delve into Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X with sessions on correction and gradation of color in post-production or audio editing and mixing to create excitement, among others.
  • Sessions of perspectives and actions (to be offered in certain shops), artists and musicians of great influence will talk about his creative process and show their live talent.

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