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Apple could be thinking of a wireless charging for iPhone and AirPods case

The Wireless, charging or new security systems, as facial unlocking the device, are latest technologicalfashion. And it is that if all last year was focused to the same waterproof, something new must bring to market, and the Wireless charging seems to be next. As well, Apple just registered a patent for what could be a burden for the AirPods case, iPhone, and Apple Watch… After the jump, we give all the details of this new patent from the guys at Cupertino…

Apparently, Apple has been a device capable of charging multiple devices at the same time, a device that would act as a carrying case to protect them. And even if they do not speak directly of the iPhone, the Apple Watch, or the iPad, does refer to Apple devices in the event of the same. An case which in addition also would be water resistant… And it all makes sense if it is that the guys at Cupertino are released to bring to market devices capable of charging wirelessly, at the end an case, or stand, capable of loading them all would be the most logical and the most comfortable for all of us. So it would not be surprising that Apple will surprise us with a support or case which can have all our batteries ready.

Now, also I think the possibility that it is a patent for a device for internal use, a storage device could come them well for example, the Apple Store’s face to be launched to introduce devices loaded wirelessly. We don’t have to wait long… the wireless future of Apple seems passing through September with the presentation of the next iPhone, so while we have to fantasize about all these rumors, we will keep you abreast of everything that may appear on this future wireless charging of Apple.

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