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Apple could buy a few film studios in 2017

Los productos que Apple ha dejado atrás en 2016

Apple has been involved in a series of rumors that placed her face to this brand new 2017, in the purchase of film and television in Hollywood studios. This movement would respond to the desire of the company directed by Tim Cook to offer its users an audiovisual service under subscription. This hard is not the first time that sees the light. Makes already many years that the company with base in Cupertino wants to put the head in this market, but needs of others products of Apple aborted them attempts that is carried out in the last. Now, it seems that Tim Cook is willing to give light green final to the project, what would mean a disbursement very important.

In this regard, the founder of Mega, Kim Dotcom, has ventured back to make a prognosis on future movements of Apple. In this occasion has secured (and emphasized on this) that the company of the manzanita is will do with some famous studies of Hollywood along this 2017. According to these statements, that the position of Apple with respect to content providers has become very friendly should not be a surprise to anyone.

In fact, recently we have known that Apple was investigating the possibility of providing audiovisual content to its users at home, even when the film in question is still being exhibited in movie theaters. This has the potential to change the way that films reach the audience and the purchase of a study would not only make sense in the short term, but it would also mean perhaps give Apple positioning in any discussion of these issues.

However, despite it attractive of the idea, is mandatory show is, as less, slightly doubtful with regard to the source of the information. Kim Dotcom not has what is says a credibility… absolute, due to the life that leads and to its history of disagreements with the justice. If you are or not in a position to know if Apple is looking to buy a few movie studios, we can not be sure, but the theory if it would make sense and would be in the form of current Apple in other sectors in which has decided to enter previously.

The time will tell if Kim Dotcom had or not reason in their claims, but by now, still being skeptical. The purchase of a Movie Studio is no easy task and buy one with a catalog suitable to the height of Apple is even harder. In addition, the project of Apple would find many impediments. One of the most important would be the competition that Apple would find in the market. Multiple services are that to day of today are providing of content audiovisual of payment to them users of these services under subscription. Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video are only some of them examples of how is a market that each time calls more the attention of new companies that are trying to change the model of service. However, competition is not something to panic at the headquarters that has Apple in Cupertino. When was launched to put in liza the service of Apple Music, in the market already is were competing long-lived as Spotify or new releases that found a great success as Tidal. Apple did not hear anyone and drew his own path, which led him to establish Apple Music between audience and gain a piece of the musical pie.

In the audiovisual market, the great asset that aims to play Apple is broadcast in streaming film titles that are still in theaters. The result of this initiative could completely change the audiovisual panorama and the process that they follow the tape at its launch. As in the TV series are gaining in importance against feature films, releases could move to become platforms for streaming instead of in movie theaters.

Within a year we will see how right were the words of Kim Dotcom.

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