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Apple hires an important expert in Virtual reality and 3D

With Tim Cook and Apple in general not we can trust nor a hair of what we communicate through the usual information channels. By this we mean that movements that the Cupertino company makes in the recruitment market, and interviews that Tim Cook offers a select group of bloggers and media seem extremely strange. And is that if you follow current iPhone or any specialized media, you already know that Tim Cook has offered the augmented reality as the future of the company at the level of software, however, has just recently hiring a major exponent in Virtual reality and 3D for Final Cut Pro.

We are going everywhere, and it is that typical users of iOS do not have to know why what is Final Cut Pro, nor much less who is Tim Dashwood. Ultimately, Final Cut Pro is a powerful tool for video editing, preferred by the average level of macOS users to compose and edit video content, and the favorite of our coordinator Luis Padilla. The mentioned specialist, Tim Dashwood, is a well-known creator and developer of Plugins for Final Cut Promore specifically 360VR Toolbox, one of the favourites by the creators of content in Virtual reality, compatible also with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

This is how Tim Cook being spent lately, capturing large specialists from other companies and developers to hit book. This application called 360VR Toolbox costs around 1,000 euros in the market and is able to assemble and edit video in three dimensions as well as Virtual reality. However, lor that really leaves us somewhat puzzled is why Apple looking for a specialist in Virtual reality, if supposedly were focusing on iOS as augmented reality, or perhaps it is an addition to the new method?

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