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Apple inexplicably removed iCloud lock checking website

As you know, buying a second hand iOS device can become a real risk, especially if we take into account the number of security measures introduced by Apple in iOS iOS 7 advent and that makes a device iOS that has been stolen from illegally to its owner, virtually useless since you can block it and you can never restore it without its corresponding Apple ID. Apple put our service a website that allowed us to observe the State of the iCloud on an iOS device lock, to prevent potential scams. However, has removed this web page and its trace of inexplicable form.

It makes no sense whatsoever in reality, and is that thanks to this web page, that Apple included in a disinterested way, we could avoid many trouble in it comes to purchases of second-hand iOS devices. However, Apple has decided to delete it inexplicably and almost on the sly. Is a great loss, a service free from Apple that never we imagined that could arrive to disturb.

This change does not was due definitely to any Exchange servers, since when you enter the website known as “Activation Check-Lock” iCloud error is displayed.

However, Apple maintained a total silence on the matter, he did not want to give more information, and we remain alert to know what has brought about this strange movement. Meanwhile, we remind you that in his day did an article of the basic things you should know before buying a second hand iPhone, so you can prevent possible trouble, and they are not exactly cheap devices, by which any security measure could be understood as little. Now enjoy our iPhone, but we will remain alert if to be available this website again.

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