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Apple joins the bid by Toshiba memories section

Toshiba is falling in certain departments. Increasingly brands who choose to diversify their sections, eating other formerly dedicated solely, or at least more specialized form, according to which electronic products. One of which is being involved in a peculiar situation in this regard is Toshiba . There are a number of companies that are bidding on (do not know whether downward or upward) to take over the section of memory NAND that Toshiba has, and is that their facilities and all their patents could be really interesting to future business for many companies.

At least that’s how has informed it Nikkei, the Japanese portal of leaks, which has reviewed the following:

The American firms in technology (Apple, Google and Amazon), have begun to see an attractive and interesting betting on Western Digital and Toshiba, as an alternative to their current manufacturers, or to enhance their own databases/servers.

Supposedly, this information has come to Nikkei from The Korea Herald, however, we are already quite used to give too much credit to the words and leaks of this type of Asian media, clearly influenced mostly by domestic companies. Especially if we consider that Apple has its main suppliers in TSMC and Foxconn, and nothing points to want to bear the costs and the method of manufacture of any type of component.

Apple is a company quite conscientious in what is known as “outsourcing”, actually just use lots of different companies, and out of the main matrix, with the intention of manufacturing their products, save costs, and do it all as soon as possible. That does not seem to go into the bet Toshiba is Samsung, which has its own NAND memories, and also quite good.

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