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Apple patented a system of creation of avatars

Many are the rumors that point to that the next iPhone, iPhone 8 as many now call it, will have a camera with 3D technology-related tools. In addition, handling information of a possible redesign and the Elimination of the current “Home” button of the iPhone 7 sensitive to pressure.

The Office of patents and trademarks of the United States released more than 50 new patents from the Big Apple. One of them shows a creation of avatars system. If we relate this patent with a possible house tools 3D, we wouldn’t be surprised that Apple launched a new stage: redesigned GameCenter or offer a GameKit.

A creation of avatars, the new trick of Apple system

Although the patent was published in the United States Patent Office during the second quarter of fiscal 2011, today they have unveiled a series of inventions from Apple, which could form part of upcoming products and new operating systems that we will see during the WWDC 2017.

In the patent, we can see a kind of application that we can create an avatar with different tools to change many parameters of the avatar, customizing it to your own liking:

From a face in white, we can add, change the scale and position of the different elements. We can also change its form. In addition, involves gestures such as pinch to increase or scale the nose or the mouth, for example. There is the option to automatically assign an avatar, to set aside the manual customization.

With a possible technology 3D, Apple could offer the possibility to scan our face with the new iPhone 8 camera and automatically generate an avatar. In addition, this avatar creation system allows the creation of animations, for example launch a kiss or smile (you doesn’t sound to the chapter of Black Mirror where the main character is Waldo?).

It is not rare that this patent is sounds like a system of avatars that have Nintendo or other video game companies, since the operation of all of them is similar. Even if we return to make mention to which these patents were approved by the patent and Trademark Office of the USA in the Q2 of 2011, 6 years ago.

Image – PatentlyApple

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