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Apple renews your page designed to promote Homekit


Little by little devices that allow us to control different devices of the House are becoming more common Lake, although they are still too expensive for real utility that we can give you. Thanks to smart devices we can automate through our device power on and off of lights, blinds, household appliances, fans, open or close doors of garages and homes… Homekit is the Apple platform that allows you to control all these devices jointly in a single application, provided that such devices are compatible with the protocol used by Apple, because otherwise not you can control through the application of House available from iOS 10.

The guys at Cupertino to treat a give a boost and encourage users with these technology, it has renewed the website which offers information of everything that we can do thanks to Homekit. The first thing that shows this facelift of the web, is a video which shows us the simple and comfortable which is control almost all our home devices, from coffee to lock our door machine, including a series of routines for that when we say to Siri that we went, for example so that you turn off all the lights, lower the blinds and turn off the heating.

Our early-adopter Luis Padilla, published a couple of weeks ago a fantastic article in which put to test a series of devices compatible with Homekit. Apple has been working several years in this communication protocol that allows us to group together in a single device management either joint or independent of them all, a protocol which as you can see in the video of the article by my colleague Luis Padilla, has reached the age of majority. If you want to beat out the Homekit page, in Spanish you can pass them through this link, but still not up to date with new information showing the Homekit page in English, at least at the time of publishing this article and the video.

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