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Apple turns with autism and App Store creates a page in the iOS

As some of you know, today April 2 held the #DiaMundialAutismo, more specifically the world autism awareness day. To understand autism, we recall that the term Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a broad set of conditions that affect neurodevelopment and brain functioning, giving rise to difficulties in communication and social interaction, as well as the flexibility of thought and behavior. Apple still consciousness in this type of discapaciades, and for this reason has wanted to create a page of autism awareness within the iOS App Store.

In this way we will find some applications such as Proloquo4Text, a communication application based on text that gives a voice to those who cannot speak. Its design facilitates communication and active participation in society. Facilitating communication between people with ASD. Another great application included in this new page of autism, awareness is Otsimo Child and the book Uniquely Human, all focused on the way to address the situation of the autism spectrum disorder, facilitating the way in which people with difficulties interact between if and else. In fact, this is not the first move that Apple makes in this direction.

Last year Apple advertised two videos making us understand how we could collaborate with people who suffer from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through products that the Cupertino company puts at our disposal, with the only intention to make life easier. These videos functioned as an advertising campaign and awareness dora quite effective and not passed unnoticed. It seems that just like on dates corresponding to HIV and the environment, autism is added also to the campaigns that Apple has opened to generally improve the world.

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