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Apple will definitely leave Qualcomm thanks to new Intel modem

We have already discussed this on more than one occasion, and it is that Apple has entered into a small cross of accusations with Qualcomm that has led to the confrontation of both companies, since apparently Qualcomm has been charging Apple a series of rights that did not belong to him. While both Intel is taking the position to strengthen more the ties with Apple, as you know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so uses to introduce a new mobile modem that meets all the requirements that we could ask the future iPhone from 2017, we will take a look at your news.

This modem has been baptized by Intel as the XMM7560, with capacity LTE 16/13, able to reach discharge rates of up to 1Gbps and content of up to 225 Mbps upload. It is not here, but includes support for MIME 8 × 4 and is able to cover up to 35 bands LTE, which is not bad. It also includes support for all the evolutions of LTE, GSM networks and CDMA available on the market at the moment, is undoubtedly a modem at the height of the devices of the company from Cupertino, given to include many connectivity in this aspect.

It won’t be the first Apple Intel-based Flash, and is that their modems are already used in a circulation of 7 iPhone to test mode, something similar to what Apple did with the iPhone 6s between TSMC and Samsung for the manufacture of their processors.

Around 1,000 million dollars is what Qualcomm could have won more in the collection of patents to Apple, reason by which the Cupertino company could have definitely opted by Intel as your modem on the iPhone, always bearing in mind that they know the range Mac processors.

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