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Apple will have to replace the iPad by new models

Hard setback which has received Apple in the Netherlands, where a judge recently decide that repairs of Apple policy goes against the law and that should, from now on, replace the iPad in case of repair for new models, nothing of reconditioned models. The iPad “refurbished” will no longer be suitable for substitutions of iPad damaged now, in a decision that sets a precedent that is very dangerous for the company which can be forced to change its policy of repairs with your tablet.

Anyone who has had to carry an iPad repair in an Apple Store already know that Apple does not fix the iPad, or at least does not make them directly to the customer. In the vast majority of cases thus making company is to replace the iPad for a reconditioned model or “refurbished”, i.e., an iPad that Apple has repaired, revised and certified it to be “almost new” but that it is not. In some cases may even give you a better iPad than you gave, as we told you the other day with the lack of stock of iPad 4. But this goes against what says the law in the Netherlands, or at least as well as the judge who has led the suit against Apple for this reason. This judge says “If the customer pays for a service you should get the same as purchased, i.e., a new iPad”. Only in the case that you buy an already refurbished iPad is may offer you a product of this type.

A very questionable decision since then very controversial against which Apple will fight with all his weapons and his legion of lawyers, since the conditions of purchase of the company, that huge text none read when we buy an Apple product, but that everyone accepts, expressly indicate that in the event of repair our iPad may be replaced by one reconditioned. Therefore, it seems that it will not be the last news we have on this matter, that.

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