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Apple will return the amount to customers who bought Workflow prior to its acquisition

Last week the guys at Apple announced the purchase of the company DeskConect, the company that developed Worflow, one of the applications that offers more possibilities in the App Store and that allows us to automate a large number of functions. In addition the purchase of the application is a sample of what Apple could offer in future versions of iOS, but perhaps we will have to wait until iOS 12, because it may be too late to be able to implement all the possibilities that we offers Workflow in terms of workflow.

Just at the time of the announcement, Apple then updated the application offering it for download free of charge, when it was previously priced at 2.99 euros. But as whenever Apple Gets the hand, the update of the application meant a step backwards for functions that we offered since certain compatibilities are revoked with Google Chrome, Pocket, Line, Telegram and über, according to Apple by legal issues.

Obviously all users who days ago had bought the application not this announcement made them very much but as usual, Apple will return the amount to all users who have purchased the application days as we can read in the email that Apple is sending to all American users who paid for the application, including taxes paid :

Dear iTunes customer,

Thank you for the purchase of DeskConnect Workflow, Inc. Workflow is now available for free on the App Store. Since you have recently purchased this application, we have issued a full refund for the amount of $ xx. These funds will be returned to the original payment method and can take up to five working days from the date of issuance to post to your account.

Best regards

iTunes support team

But it is not the first time Apple introduces a program of this type. Little more than one year ago, when Apple decided to lower the price of their dispositovs in the India, it reimbursed all the users who a week earlier had acquired the same models, the difference between the price paid and the new.

Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple (AppStore Link)
Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

DeskConnect, Inc.

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