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Apple will use its own fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8

It is one of the aspects where the rumours do not end match, the Start button of the next iPhone 8 or better said, fingerprint sensor integrated into the. It seems clear that Apple prescindirá of that element, and remain as something integrated into the upcoming tenth anniversary iPhone screen, but what’s with the fingerprint sensor? Many experts say that still is not sufficiently refined technology that allows you to place it behind the screen, others claim that Apple could get rid of it and use other methods of biometric facial recognition and iris scanner. What is what in the end will make Apple? DigiTimes seems to have it clear, according to sources within the suppliers and component manufacturers who work for Apple, the company will use its own technology and will be integrated into the screen.

Apple hasn’t chosen the sensor Natural ID of Synaptics, or the sensors Sense ID of Qualcomm. For its new phones OLED has decided to use its own Authentec technology combined with Privaris technology to design a new fingerprint sensor.

Apple acquired AuthenTec in 2012, and has used its technology for sensor TouchID from 5s iPhone. On the other hand also acquired almost all patents related to traces of Privaris readers in 2015, which include some such as the possibility to use the fingerprint sensor and touch screen at the same time, or the open a gate through the iPhone while you identify yourself with the integrated fingerprint sensor. All these acquisitions would be closely related to the development of a new technology for the TouchID, as DigiTimes says. Furthermore, it appears that this will be one of the reasons why the iPhone 8 production would be delayed until September, so it seems that I will return to have the same problems almost always get it right after the launch.

DigiTimes has a history of successes and errors with rumors about Apple products you might say that it is almost 50/50. For all this, and although it is true that more than once their internal sources have been successful with their forecasts, button topic home iPhone 8 your fingerprint sensor is not at all clear, and we will have to wait to have more accurate data about how Apple will solve this problem. This is far from the last episode of this soap opera.

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