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Art class with Dr. Panda, free for a limited time

In the App Store can find several developers that offer fabulous games for kids of the House, games that children not only entertain but that also learn. TocaBoca and Dr. Panda are that most stand out, not only by the quality of their games, they also do so because their games do not include ads, in-app purchases or any type of distractions. Obviously these games are extra, but father as a small child, I recognize is worth the price that question, 2.99 euros. The application that we showed you today to download for free is kind of art with Dr. Panda, an application that has a regular price in the App Store of 2.99 euros, but which we can download for free for a limited time.

Dr. Panda protagonist in a number of games from this developer, a friendly bear Panda that children will learn and enjoy equally.  Thank you art class with Dr. Panda kids can create their own kites to then play with them. In addition also can play with clay to make a pot, a vase, a figure… Also can bring out their artist skills to draw whatever happens to them on the head.

Characteristics of art class with Dr. Panda

  • 6 different crafts to learn.
  • We can customize our creations to almost infinity.
  • Play with the creations once they are finished.
  • Without any advertising from third parties, shopping in-app or links to other games of the developer.
  • Fun animations in 3D.
  • Children can use all the material and paintings that need to create his works, all without danger to the child or stain in no time.
  • It also offers us the possibility to save our creation, and do it in real life.
Clase de Arte con el Dr. Panda (AppStore Link)
Art class with Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda Ltd

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