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Assembles a 6s iPhone buying parts in China

Surely more than one ever thought in the possibility of creating your own iPhone buying components and assembling it, especially when are these reports claiming that an iPhone costs about €250 if we add the value of each of its parts individually. Because there is someone who has not only thought about it but it has succeeded. It’s Scotty Allen, software engineer, who traveled to China to get all necessary parts and managed to mount a 6s iPhone fully functional, and tells us in this video.

The daring adventurer posa of satisfied after the Odyssey that earned him to get all the components needed to build your own Iphone.opto for an iPhone 6s because in this way it would be easier to get all the components, and despite that was no simple task. Had to travel to China and look at the market of Huaqiangbei parts. Some could get them without problems, but others needed the collaboration of vendors that work closely with Scotty that he got his goal. The motherboard was the piece that more work cost him to find.

The end result was an iPhone 16GB storage 6s with fully functional TouchID. How much will your 6s iPhone cost? Unfortunately the figure not believe to encourage many to repeat this feat, because Scotty ensures that you spent about $1000 in that iPhone, not counting the trip to China or e time to search or mount. Parts that broke, tools, and components that ultimately did not need are the cause of the price of the iPhone was even bigger than the official price. Despite everything worth worth see the video where he shows his adventure in China.

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