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Bayern Munich plans to deliver content in Apple Music

Yes, have read well, but before nothing focus us in all them agreements to which arrive large marks for offer contained own and that to change them members, in this case of the team of football, of the brand use always devices of the own brand. Something we see e.g. redialing with all agreements reached Samsung in sporting events. In many occasions you will see events sponsored by Samsung in which all the visible used devices Samsung.

Apple was not going to be left behind, and they play with that Beats brand, now owned by Apple, already had in their day many agreements with brands and celebrities so they looked always headphones, that is why they are so popular, and not by the quality of the… At the end it no matter how it is your product, if you have a good showcase you sell. And now back to the subject, German professional soccer team, Bayern Munich, has just announced that they will offer exclusive playlist and other content at Apple Music… After the jump, we give all the details.

Everything has begun with a renewal of the agreement that has the Bayern Munich Beats, who is with the sponsor of the sound of the club, many have seen the players of the team wearing helmets, all down to the agreement of the German club with the brand of headphones. It new comes with Apple Music, and is that the music has played a role very important in the world of the sport, helping to the athletes and to them footballers, by put an example, in their coaches; and by this the boys of the Bayern of Munich have dear reinforce their agreements with Beats, and now with Apple, for offer content exclusive of the club in Apple Music.

The first playlist official of the Bayern of Munich in Apple Music already is posted, if not it see it will have available in your Apple Music in the next days. but it best is that this is an agreement quite important, safe that will create preceding, and why not, to all us like listen, and discover, the music that listens to the people to which continue.

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