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Canopy: the best Amazon products, hand-selected

Today find applications that provide a value added facing others of them many similar that can find in the App Store can be a task very complicated. However, fortunately, still having applications that surprise us in a very pleasant way to offer something feel very useful for our daily life.

It is the case of Canopy, an app that also has web version (or was the other way around?) in which we can find products from Amazon hand-selected by the Platform team. Thanks to this, you can access the best products that you can find in the most beloved shop for shopping of all kinds in the world.

Its operation is very simple: simply register in the app through a couple of steps to access all its functions and begin enjoying Canopy. Besides finding different categories and selection ranges to more easily find what you are looking for, we can also find a section with the products better valued by users. We thus obtain feedback of products that have already been selected previously. What can go wrong?

Canopy, A Curated Shop for Amazon (AppStore Link)
Canopy, A Curated Shop for Amazon

CanopyCo, Inc.

The less good part of this app is that currently only has a version for the United States. I.e. products which appear to us are selected from the Amazon store in that territory, so some of the objects we listed may not be available to send to our country. To know if this is true or not, simply access the link of the selected product and change the location to our country of residence. In any case, and with this in mind, is one of the applications to which we have to give a chance, especially if we are regular buyers of this platform.

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